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People voting, grown men doting;
on the one they like the best.

Children yawning, women fawning;
Election season is a test.

A test of where this mankind is;
But this is not a high school quiz.

The stakes are high, or so it seems;
Battle lines are drawn, each in their teams.

But does this do us any good?
Have we changed? I think we should!

This year, will each side even bother;
To connect with one another?

And if they can’t, not in this life;
must we live with endless strife?

Must our children grow to know; this politics…

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Note: This article contains stories, and discussions, about rape and sexual abuse.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

South Africa has recently had a resurgence in activism against violence towards women. There have been some high profile cases, and social media coverage has blown-up. Massive marches were held, under the hashtag #AmINext. I was browsing Twitter posts about the protests and then I stumbled across this:

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Full Disclosure

Okay, I have to admit something first: I’m not that “ thin” anymore! During the formative years of my life I could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound. Then I turned 30! Anyone over 30 and reading this needs no explanation. For those that are still to reach this landmark, 30 is the age that your body decides to do it’s own thing. In my case, my body decided that pot-belly was a good look for me. Spoiler: it’s not…

I’m not very overweight by any stretch of the imagination, although my BMI is 26 so yeah…

Knowing your home could be under water in 300 years changes your perspective on things

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I know what you’re thinking. “Oh no, here’s another climate crisis nut who’s going to try convince us we’re all going to die in 12 years”. You’re wrong, it’s 10 years now. No, I jest! I’m not a climate alarmist. Nor am I a climate change skeptic. I think humans will — most probably — find a way to deal with a lot of the negative effects of the climate, but I’m also a realist.

I live in the Netherlands, one of the countries in…

To stop mass shootings, and indeed appeal to our vulnerable youth, take some advice from Socrates

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Another flurry of mass shootings in the U.S.A. has again sparked debate about a range of topics: Gun control, white nationalism, computer games, the Internet, Donald Trump etc. One article that caught my eye was right here on Medium.

Over 100 people are killed every day by gun violence in America, by members of all races. Yet the moment a young white male commits a heinous crime, articles demonizing young white men pop-up like clockwork on Medium, Twitter, Facebook et al. …

Humble advice from a “run of the mill” sufferer

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After two months of struggling to come to terms with a new life: fatherhood, the end of university, and a new job (all within 2 weeks), the “universe” decided that I needed a new challenge

I’m not a great example of how to deal with anxiety and depression. But at the end of the day, I think that most of us aren’t. This is not a story from a self-help guru who defeated anxiety and is now a multi-millionaire and married to a model. …

Are you one of those people that gets really frustrated during political discussions? I am! It made me think about how I could escape this seemingly never ending cycle of mild, to severe, annoyance. As a result I drafted these common mistakes I made or observed in others, which led to no one getting anything out of the discussions.

This isn’t the “Holy Grail”, nor exclusive, these are just some ideas that you might find useful.

1. Being horrible

The dawn of the internet age has given people a platform to say the most horrendous things, under the cover of…

William Ric-Hansen

Just an Average Joe writing (poorly) about things that mean a lot to me…

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